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  1. Hi artwork368, I don’t think any of the problems are directly linked to the world not being Pagan anymore but I do think we have lost the sense of minimalism, getting back to nature and all things that Paganism encompasses which has lead to a lot of negative things about the world. We are more obsessed about getting the latest technological gadgets rather than taking a walk in the forest and connecting to the Earth. There’s a lot of intolerance, greed, selfishness and bigotry in the world, we are more interestested in owning stuff rather than being nice to each other, all while at the same time we are destroying the Earth. I do believe once we learn to reconnect with the Earth, we will learn once again to reconnect with each other. Although I think tolerance for each other is needed, Christianity has always been a great source of problems. The bible is full of hate, racism, sexism and homophobia, so perhaps in this respect the world should have stayed Pagan. Unfortunately as Paganism was Christianised, this act was never going to promote tolerance and respect.

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