Hello and welcome to my page! 🙂

I’m Emma – A Pagan witch, sensitive and empath, born and bred in the North-West of England. My partner is Dutch (He’s pretty awesome too) I love cats, horror and all things supernatural.

I was born on 2nd November 1985. An Autumn baby, through and through. My love for the crisp leaves, cold weather, bonfires, pumpkins and dark nights have followed me all the way into adulthood. Being born so close to Samhain, has definitely influenced my love for all things spooky. Also being born on the cusp of the Celtic New Year might explain why I have always been different and felt like I have never fitted into this world.

I do consider myself quite a spiritual person, I definitely feel like I have an old soul and I believe there is more to this world than the life we are currently living. I am here to learn as much as possible, to be as kind as possible and to hope somewhere along my life I can make a difference to someone.

My love for nature doesn’t stop at Paganism, I have been Vegan since 2006 and haven’t eaten any animals since 1997. I do believe all sentient beings have the right to a full life, they are sharing this planet with us and are not here for us.  I also believe in reincarnation, our bodies might look different but our souls are all the same, so treat others how you want to be treated because you never know what kind of body you will end up in next.

On another note – animal agriculture is responsible for the pollution of the water, soil and seas, as well as the leading cause of deforestation and greenhouse gases. Therefore the nature worshipping element of Paganism coincides with veganism to me.

I love exploring all kinds of spirituality and that includes all things paranormal, energy forces and other realms of existence. There’s so much more to this world, to life and to the bigger picture, which we would see if only we stopped to take a look around and to not get distracted by all the meaningless diversions we create for ourselves.

Being outdoors, in the countryside, in the woods, by the sea and just in the garden is where I feel at home the most. Nature is my home and I love spending time in the garden, growing herbs and flowers to use for various spiritual reasons.

I also love exploring hidden or abandoned places, ruins and visiting castles. I’m very much interested in history and old places, I definitely think that comes from a sense of having been here before.

Life’s Journey.

Since I turned 30 my whole life has changed and with that came the realisation now is the time to do what makes me happy, to stop living for others and to start to live for myself.  With that I decided that I wanted to work for myself, turning my interests, beliefs and passions into a business.

I got my qualifications in crystal healing and master herbalism in order to learn as much as I can and to advance forward on the path I’m taking. I consider spirituality my lifestyle and the essence of who I am and I want people to embrace their essence too.

If you want to see what my passion is, you can find my shop here. 

Life is very short to try and figure out what lessons need to be learnt in this lifetime, not only for ourselves but the way we interact with people can help them on their journey too. Be kind to everyone and every living thing, remember that we all have our own paths to walk and everyone is at a different stage in their life.

Blessed Be )O(

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  1. Hi artwork368, I don’t think any of the problems are directly linked to the world not being Pagan anymore but I do think we have lost the sense of minimalism, getting back to nature and all things that Paganism encompasses which has lead to a lot of negative things about the world. We are more obsessed about getting the latest technological gadgets rather than taking a walk in the forest and connecting to the Earth. There’s a lot of intolerance, greed, selfishness and bigotry in the world, we are more interestested in owning stuff rather than being nice to each other, all while at the same time we are destroying the Earth. I do believe once we learn to reconnect with the Earth, we will learn once again to reconnect with each other. Although I think tolerance for each other is needed, Christianity has always been a great source of problems. The bible is full of hate, racism, sexism and homophobia, so perhaps in this respect the world should have stayed Pagan. Unfortunately as Paganism was Christianised, this act was never going to promote tolerance and respect.

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