My Mabon 2019

Mabon was special this year because the harvest moon (the nearest full moon to Autumn Equinox) was on Friday 13th.

The combination brought about great power and magic, amping up the ability to manifest your wishes.

Friday is named after the Goddess Freya, all that beholds femininity, love and fertility. 13 is special as there are 13 moon cycles per year and thus has been associated with the Goddess. The angel number 13 represents desire, manifestation and abundance.

As soon as September came I went and collected the fallen conkers.

Shortly after the weather became terrible and there was about three weeks of rain leaving no time to get outside again. The pumpkins were also extremely late this year and weren’t available until well into the first week of October.

Mabon activities were very jagged this year because of the terrible weather and it ended up being celebrated from Friday 13th until the first week of October.

The first chance I got though I was out making the yearly tradition of a scarecrow.

Blessed Be )O(

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