My Samhain 2017

Once autumn arrives, I know my favourite festival won’t be too far behind. I love to go all out at Samhain but this year felt different.

I usually decorate and go all spooky on Halloween, which you can find last year’s display here.

So, the week before Halloween I started to get all the boxes of decorations out and was preparing the gazebo for the mini-haunt as I always have at least eighty people come trick or treating here and I like to put on some fun for them.

Then somehow getting caught up in life, horrible winds and rain meant that not much had been decorated yet and I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that I didn’t want to go to all the trouble this year. I just didn’t have the time to get all the decorations up and I didn’t even know why most of the pumpkins hadn’t been carved yet as that’s something I do at least a week before. Something was feeling rather off for me on a personal level, I am usually well-organised and don’t leave things to last minute. I always trust my gut instinct, it has never let me down so I decided to take a different path to celebrate Samhain this year.

I transformed the back garden into a cosy place with candles and pumpkins because pumpkins are the best bit about Samhain. Of course, my Mabon tradition of making a scarecrow was there in the background with his pumpkin head watching over me.

I still decorated up the front porch for the trick or treaters.

I think I had more people than ever come visit me and to do something different I offered them up some wickedly popcorn straight from my cauldron.

My partner not wanting to miss out on the fun still dressed up and was ready to scare the kids who came to the door. He looked pretty awesome this year and there were plenty of people who asked to take a photo with him.

I think this year was all about a spiritual journey for me, something I needed to do. To take a step back, stop, relax and to embrace what Samhain truly represents.

For me I had found my way back to Samhain rather than celebrating Halloween and I had definitely made the right choice to listen to my instincts.

With a spooky feeling in the air, there are plenty of unseen forces having an influence when the veil is at the thinnest, it’s wise to listen to those spiritual elements that help guide us on the right path in life.

Sitting by the fire with all the pumpkins around gave me the chance to reflect on life and decide on some changes.

I really think the spirit of Samhain had a big influence on me this year, there was something out there that was guiding me towards looking at the bigger picture in life and it worked.

Samhain is called the Witches New Year for a reason, it’s time to start a fresh. A new beginning and a new opportunity to change things.

I know this year was definitely the best Samhain I’ve celebrated and it couldn’t be passed by without roasting some chestnuts on the fire.

Life goes by too fast. Stop once in a while to reflect on whether you are truly happy in life and if not then change something. Always be true to yourself, no matter if people don’t understand your spirituality or path in life. They don’t have to understand, they have their journey and you have yours.

I find Samhain to be the most important teaching Sabbat of the year. You can learn about life, death and all the mysteries in between here.

Blessed Be )O(

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